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A Breath of Fresh Air

Who We Are

Jordair Compressors Inc. is a proudly Canadian owned and operated industrial compressor manufacturer, supplying over 6000 medium and high pressure compressor systems to a variety of Canadian and International customers since beginning production in 1973. 

We are the exclusive Bauer representative for Canada and are pleased to provide Bauer products across a wide segment of the air and gas medium and high pressure markets.

Jordair's state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Delta, BC and our Calgary and Montreal sales reps provide ongoing support to our customers and dealers.

You can learn more about our company and mission statement on our Company Profile page.

Exclusive Canadian Distributer for Bauer Products

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Bauer USA

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Bauer Germany

Product Categories

For more information on our products, head to our Products Page

Partners and Distributors

Jordair Compressors Ltd is proud to be represented by these top quality partners and distributors. 

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Industrial Projects

A snapshot of some of our most recent industrial projects.

Air Liquide Helium Filter

Helium System

Air Liquide

Located at the Saskatoon site of North American Helium.

THOR Helium Project

Thor Helium Project

Thor Resources Inc.

Thor Resources Inc is developing sufficient Helium resources from multiple discovered gas pools and a Helium processing plant in Alberta, Canada.

Jordair Compressors Inc showroom compressor

Industries We Serve

Jordair Compressors Inc. is proud to serve these industries.

Jordair emergency services icon

Emergency Services

Compressed breathing air for Fire and Rescue.

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Up to 70% of industries use compressed air in some aspect.

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Medical and Scientific

Helium compression for liquid cooling in medical and scientific applications.

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Natural Resources

Using compressed air and gases to help protect our most precious resources.

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Defense and Military applications on land, water, or in the field.

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Compressors and Fill Stations for refilling SCBA tanks.

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Oil and Gas

Compressed air and gas for drilling, refinement, and distillation practices.

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Compressed air for paintball and motorsports.

Contact Us

To contact our head office in BC use the toll free numbers below. For other Canada-wide contact details see our Contact Page.

BC Head Office
Toll Free: 1-800-940-8101
Phone: 1-604-940-8101
Fax: 1-604-940-8101

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