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Air Storage

Jordair air storage systems are available with vertical or horizontal mounting rack, manifold, individual shut-off valves, and safety burst disks. Configurations of between 2 and 10 storage cylinders are available. The complete system is fully assembled and pressure tested.


ASME air storage systems do not require testing beyond the original design and test of the pressure vessel. External and internal visual inspection for corrosion is recommended every 5 years. These vessels are designed to the ASME code and as such have the highest safety factor.


TC cylinders are designed for the transport of air and gas and normally used for this purpose. As long as these cylinders are arranged in a rack or clamped method acceptable to the local authorities then the application is accepted. TC cylinders require inspection and re-testing as per code on a regular bases.


You can find the full scope of technical data in the downloadable brochure.

Jordair Air Storage
Jordair Air Storage
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