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Dive Line

Jordair's diving compressor systems feature a single compressor block installed within an open frame design designed for full portability. These are basic compressor packages that come with a Bauer standard frame, drive motor, oil and water separator/purifier, manual condensate drain valves, fill hose and final stage pressure relief valve and gauge.


These models do not include any electrical controls, inter-stage pressure gauges or auto drain system. Starting and stopping the compressor, draining the separators and monitoring oil pressure and air temperature are left to the customer. Upgrade options for controls and motor starting are available for electric models. Please consult a Jordair sales rep for more information on optional add-ons.


These Bauer filter systems are rated for a final pressure of 4700 PSIG. Relief valve settings are available for lower set pressures.

You can find the full scope of technical data in the downloadable brochure.

Jordair Dive Line Compressor

Oceanus Gas

Jordair Dive Line Compressor

Junior II Electric

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