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Filtration Packages

Jordair's filtration systems are all 7300 PSIG rated, CRN Certified, and carry a service life of 35 years for all units. They feature stainless steel tube and fittings, safety relief valve, and check valve to prevent backflow. These filter systems are standard on all Jordair compressor systems, excluding the Dive Line, but are also available as stand-alone panel mounted systems for upgrading an existing system.


Every filter system is standard with a final oil and moisture separator with high efficiency coalescing element. Up to 3 filter towers follow the separator and operate with Bauer high capacity “PURE AIR” long life cartridges.


Optional Securus Cartridge Moisture Monitors are available for all Jordair filter systems, these ensure optimal filter cartridge life and the highest degree of safety.


You can find the full scope of technical data in the downloadable brochure.

Jordair Filtration Packages Filter Panel
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