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Jordair Compressors


JORDAIR is proud to employ a team of highly qualified and experienced individuals in both our Delta, BC facility and also in our remote sales locations. You can read more about our key team members below, and find a table of their contact details on our contact page.

Jeremy Rowand is the Managing Director of Jordair Compressors Inc. and been in this position since the company began assembling Bauer compressor systems in 1973.

"At Jordair I have endeavored to set a family-like tone to the company and foster an environment of unique innovation. It has been my privilege to provide our customers in many air and gas market sectors with a wide range of specialized and innovative products.


As the MD of Jordair my primary objective is to provide our customers with the safest and most reliable products with the heart of our systems being the Bauer Compressor block. We are part of the Bauer family with both a long term business relationship and personnel friendship with Heinz Bauer and the senior staff at Bauer.


My background is both within the technical and administrative aspects of the companies day to day operations. It is my privilege to manage Jordair and to have it be the exclusive Canadian partner to Bauer for almost 50 years.


As a family business my son Jerrod, who is a BCIT electrical engineering graduate, will take over my role for the future growth of the company."

Jeremy Rowand

Suki is the General Manager and Sales Manager for Jordair.

Andrea is the Accounting and Office Manager for Jordair.

Nolan is knowledgeable on a wide array of special projects and is the go to contact for any electrical questions or technical issues.

Mike is our dedicated engineer who manages all our ongoing designs and technical drawings for both standard models and custom projects. 

Glen manages all of Jordair's inventory procurement.

Jeff manages our factory certification training course and handles most of the mechanical support and installations. Contact Jeff for all technical questions relating to block and compressor maintenance, repairs, or installation.

Daniel is Jordair's floor manager for breathing air production.

Shane Gilmore manages the inside sales for Jordair Compressors with nearly 10 years’ experience in the role. He has extensive knowledge of all things Jordair from his many years with the company and uses that to fulfil a variety of services.


These services include but are not limited to: managing parts sales, compiling quote packages, coordinating with our technical and production teams, general customer service, and curating Jordair's sales and marketing documentation.  


Shane effectively acts as the primary point of contact for all things Breathing Air to ensure our clients’ needs are met to the best of our ability.

  • Affiliated with Jordair for over 26 years working directly for them 11 years (that takes into account my 16 years as Safety Specialist with Canada’s largest MRO supplier)

  • Based in Alberta sales support for Alberta, Saskatchewan, Northern British Columbia and Yukon

  • Over 26 years of working in the safety supply business and providing customers solutions to their needs

  • Certified Level 1 Jordair trained

Tim Balcome

As Manager of Industrial Sales and Marketing for Jordair Compressors Inc. in the Western Region, Willie Romero is accountable for developing and managing new NGV/CNG projects globally. Working closely with clients and distributors, Willie specializes in leading-edge initiatives which generally include medium and/or high-pressure applications, industrial air and specialty gases like He, N2, Ar, Kr, CH4 and Bio gas, 3 to 1,000 SCFM flow rates, and 0 to 7,250 PSIG working pressures.

With over 40 years of global experience in the NGV/CNG industry, Willie has worked with leading organizations and teams in the public and private sector (Military, Fisheries, Fire and Rescue, Oil and Gas, Breathing Air technologies) in most of the world’s continents. With expertise that ranges from electronic control systems, programmable logic controllers (PLC) and metering; to systems design and architecture, field operations, and marketing, Willie’s passion is in helping organizations to evolve and develop leading-edge Alternative and Sustainable Fuel technologies and standards.

Willie A Romero

With over 20 years’ experience in high pressure compressors, David BATON is the manager of Industrial Sales and Marketing for Jordair Compressors Inc. in the Eastern Region. David comes from a background in engineering. Process-oriented, he excels at supporting the customer to ensure the right package for their needs, providing economical and relevant solutions by considering both the integration and the environment.


From low pressure specialized market to high pressure common market, David has experience with neutral gas (Air, Nitrogen, Helium, Argon) and also hazardous gases (biogas, CH4, Hydrogen). He also works directly with the end-users, distributors, and engineering companies in both French and English languages.


Some of David’s personal achievements to date include:

  • Bauer biogas compressors development (design and market),

  • CNG stations project involvement for major groups in Europe and Canada,

  • Participation to first RNG projects in Quebec,

  • Military projects.

David Baton
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