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Fill Stations

Jordair Compressors strongly recommends the use of a full containment system for recharging of cylinders that has been tested in accordance with the NFPA 1901 standard for Air systems and Fire Apparatus. The fill station of choice should offer the technician the highest level of personal safety possible throughout the recharging process. Jordair can confidently say ours are among the safest filling stations offered in Canada for the containment and recharging of SCBA cylinders.


The recharging of high-pressure respiratory cylinders for breathing air presents the technician with serious safety issues unless the correct level of operator protection is used in the recharging process.


Jordair fill stations are all nationally recognized in the ISO 9001”:2015 program, are made from CRN registered pressure components, and are 3rd party tested and certified in accordance with NFPA 1901. They also follow all CSA standards for breathing air and our piping and pressure fittings conform to ASME code.

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