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Mob-Kat Breathing Air Trailer Systems

These trailers are designed to be fully self-contained and operate from shore power or an on-board generator system. Other design power methods are also available. Jordair provides a truly custom trailer program where the customer will have the ideal and perfect mobile solution. Trailer design includes non- corrosive materials for harsh conditions as well as the availability of operating the compressor in a recycling mode. The booster mode will avoid contaminated air entering the system when at a fire or hazardous site.


Jordair provides the customer with the ability to have the perfect trailer and avoid having to settle with an off the shelf design. Internal recharging of the SCBA cylinders allows for a comfortable working environment for the operators. Alloy floors with removable mats provide a no-slip surface and mat removal for cleaning of dirt and water.


The customer also has the option to monitor other gases than CO such as CO2 or H2S ambient levels with auto switch over to booster mode if detected in higher than acceptable levels.

Safety first with an under the floor diesel generator rear exhaust and a mid-trailer telescopic air intake.


You can find the full scope of technical data in the downloadable brochure.

Jordair Mob-Kat Compressor Trailer
Jordair Mob-Kat Compressor Trailer
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