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The MINI-KAT is a complete SCBA filling compressor package including an Air-Kat style compressor, tilt-panel “DF” Series 3 bottle fill station, and 3 cylinder air storage system mounted and plumbed together onto a single frame for convenient installation.


The compressor features include front control panel with TDE screen, oil and final pressure gauges and ESD shut down button. The CO monitor and optional Securus Moisture Monitor are located within the control panel for ease of operator monitoring. An upgrade is available to have an HMI real time display with pressure transmitters for oil and final pressure and a RDT readout of the final temperature.


The DF series SCBA recharging system is a complete filling/de-fragmentation station for 2216, 3000, or 4500 PSIG cylinders. The fully enclosed frame is designed and certified to contain an SCBA/SCUBA cylinder failure or ruptured fill hose.


3 x DOT/TC air storage cylinders are mounted with manifold to the back of the frame with manual cascade controls available on the fill station panel.


The unit includes a nationally certified CRN ASME designed 7300 PSIG filter systems with corrosion free stainless steel fittings for added safety and extended component life.


You can find the full scope of technical data in the downloadable brochure.

Jordair Mini-Kat Compressor
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