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The INTEGRA is a complete SCBA filling compressor package including a Fire-Kat Ultra-Silent style compressor, Sliding Door “D” series fill station, and 3 cylinder air storage system mounted and plumbed together onto a single frame for convenient installation.


The compressor features the Siemens Logo 8 PLC with a 6” panel mounted HMI screen. Adjacent to the PLC screen is the panel mounted CSA required CO monitor, Securus Moisture Monitor and ESD button. A high air temperature RTD with shut down & alarm as well as inter-stage and final pressure relief valves protect the compressor and its components. Oil pressure is monitored by a transmitter with an alarm and display.


The D series SCBA recharging system is a complete filling/de-fragmentation station for filling 2216, 3000, 4500 or 5500 PSIG cylinders. The fully enclosed frame is designed and certified to contain an SCBA/SCUBA cylinder failure or ruptured fill hose. Configurations are available for 3, 4, or 6 bottle simultaneous filling with the option for dual pressure. Remote fill point access is also standard on all INTEGRA systems.


Air storage cylinders are mounted inside the frame of the compressor with manual cascade controls. The 6000 PSIG models feature 3 x TC/DOT cylinders, while the 7000 PSIG models feature 3 x ASME cylinders.


You can find the full scope of technical data in the downloadable brochure.

Jordair Integra SCBA Compressor
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