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The AIR-KAT compressor system features a single Bauer compressor block installed within a semi-enclosed frame. The compressor system provides a service friendly and technically advanced design with active customer interface.


All AIR-KAT compressors are supplied with the Siemens Logo 8 PLC with a 4” panel mounted 6 line TDE screen. Adjacent to the PLC screen is the panel mounted oil and final pressure gauges as well as the CSA required CO monitor. A high air temperature shut down alarm as well as inter-stage and final pressure relief valves protect the compressor and its components.


Final pressure is limited by the final pressure switch setting. Jordair compressors are designed to automatically drain every 15 minutes into a silent collection system. All AIR-KAT units Include nationally certified 7300 PSIG filter systems for added safety and an extended component life of 35 operating years.

You can find the full scope of technical data in the downloadable brochure.

Jordair Air-Kat
Jordair Air-Kat
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