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Parts Catalogue
June. 2019

This catalogue is intended to provide a guide for the most commonly purchased spares and replacement parts for our equipment. Some less used items are not listed but are available upon request.
NOTE: Larger replacement components such as filter towers and auto-drain blocks will require consultation with a Jordair sales rep to ensure the correct part numbers are provided.

>Jordair Parts Catalogue

Compressor Selection
June. 2019

At Jordair our policy is to respect the fact that all customers have the choice to select and purchase a compressor system which they think is best suited to their SCBA recharging process.

The process of preparing an RFQ or RFP can be based on a particular equipment selection or be a more general and generic approach to the tender process. At Jordair we are more than pleased to assist with information to support either type of customer document.

>Compressor Selection Document 2019

New Compressor Designs for 2019
Feb. 2019

Jordair is excited to announce the the newly designed 2019 AIR-KAT and FIRE-KAT compressor systems! Each one features a new identity with two tone colour and ease of service from the rear of the unit. Many new features provide a service friendly and technically advanced design with active customer interface. Includes nationally certified 7300 PSIG filter systems for added safety and extended component life of 35 operating years.

Find a full list of new features in the brochures below:
>Air-Kat Brochure
>Air-Kat Ultra-Silent Brochure
>Fire-Kat Brochure
>Fire-Kat Ultra-Silent Brochure

5500 PSI Fill Station Certification
Dec. 2018

Jordair is pleased to advise the our D series fill station was frag tested successfully at the Justus Institute by Powertech Labs and witnessed by Intertek Testing Services. Scott one hour cylinders pressurized to 5500 PSIG were used for the test.

All air-concussive release was directed away from the operating section of the fill station. The adjacent SCBA holders were undamaged by the ruptured cylinder. All fragments from the test were contained within and there was no structural damage to the fill station itself.
>Powertech Test Report
>Intertek Letter
Watch the test videos on Jordairs Youtube page here:
> Jordair 5500 PSIG D Series Frag Station Test

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About Jordair Compressors

Jordair is an ISO 9001 accredited company founded in 1971 for the production of compression systems. Jordair offers a diverse range of standard
and engineered compressed air and gas systems for specialized applications.

Proudly Canadian, Jordair has supplied over 5000 breathing air and gas compressors to a variety of Canadian and global clients. Jordair is the exclusive Canadian agent for Bauer Kompressoren GbmH of Munich, Germany.

All Jordair compressor systems are CSA certified, Canadian Boiler and Pressure Vessels compliant and the SCBA fill stations have passed the third party testing requirement of NFPA 1901.

Jordair breathing compressors and air filter systems meet or exceed the latest CSA standard CAN/CSA-Z180.1-13.

Jordair products set the industry standard in safety and reliability. Jordair/Bauer compressor systems are the number one choice for the Fire Departments, Diving and the Military in Canada.

Jordair is pleased to offer the GfG Intstrumentation line of respiratory air monitors. For more information, please visit the GfG Instrumentation web site or contact Jeremy Rowand or Nolan Fontaine.

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